WHAT IS 7335?

7335 is the brainchild of a well seasoned design team with decades in the industry (oh, and we’re geeks too!)  We strive to bring products to the marketplace that strengthen the bonds between geeks and nerds everywhere with humor and good, clean fun!

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Our talented team of designers toil tirelessly to unite geeks, nerds, and techies alike. Our product line offers a variety of amusing ways to wear your GEEKITUDE on your sleeve. Jump in, explore our site, and connect with the joy of your inner geek today.

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Artist-designed 7-5hirts fitted for the g33ks, n3rds, and techi3s alike who are looking to level up their wardrobe.


Calling all compu7er progr4mm3rs, IT n3rd5, g4mers, and everyone in-between. Start off your day with a laugh by adding one of our 7-5hirts to your morning fit.

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